Founder and Farm(her), Erika Nolan, is Licensed Horticulturalist with a Certification in Landscape Horticulture. She created Instar Farms from a smaller home business, operating out of 50 s.f. of gardening space. Erika hustled the plant world in every way possible: from selling plants at people’s doorsteps to growing food and selling products at the local Farmer’s Markets. Success allowed Erika to purchase a larger property where she could build a larger urban farm. Her research & execution of Instar Farms is a successful model of Organic Edible Gardening. As soon as she built the Veggie Garden, the business exploded as everyone wanted the same: to reconnect with growing their own food. Alongside Edible Gardening, Erika's love affair with plants has led her to intelligently-designed Landscaping Services, offering the best, most thought-out plans, all within sustainable fashion. Erika considers herself and her team “Garden Artists”, taking the possibilities of landscape design beyond ordinary vision. Green Walls and Garden Art are speciality services of Instar Farms.