Erika Nolan has a way of connecting with people unlike most. She speaks passionately about gardening and entrepreneurship while always sparking excitement amongst her audience. Whether it’s Camellias, Tomatoes or “The Hustle”, Erika captivates those around her and fills them with inspiration.

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Speaker Topics:

  • The Basics of Edible Gardening: Three essential components allow us to grow food: soil, water and light. Successfully growing food is another story. Different produce have different needs, like nutrients or soil medium. In this talk, Erika breaks down the not so obvious tips and tricks to promote a bountiful harvest.

  • Become your own boss: What is your pipe dream and how realistic is it actually? So many people are trapped into the 9-5 and are desperate to get out. But how? And Why? Erika breaks down the formula for jumping the hurdles and acquiring happiness through purpose.

  • Creating your business “miniverse”: Whether you own your own business or are managing one you’re passionate about, Erika hones in on the important aspects that solidify a healthy work environment. Together, we can do great things and by sharing strategy, we can all become better at what we do!